Singapore Wedding Photography Photographer Prewedding Pre-Wedding

Singapore Pre-Wedding | Edison & Sze Yee

Photography by NATSTUDIOS
Makeup by Tangyong Makeup Hair & Makeup

Wanting to add some individuality to their prewedding photos, Edison & Sze Yee brought their pet dog Pinky along for the day! It turned out to be a great decision, as the playful poodle added a contagious burst of energy to the beautiful morning :) Halfway through the session, Pinky started to behave a little strange and refused to move completely. Only then did we realize Pinky had to answer the call of nature! All of us had a good laugh while Pinky stood aside quietly and proceeded to do what every dog needs to do.

The ginger puppy grew exhausted from the happy morning’s session (most pets run out of energy really quickly outdoors), so we returned her home to rest. After a hearty lunch prepared by Edison’s mother and a touch-up of makeup (by Valerie from Tangyong Hair & Makeup) , we took the opportunity to move to the newly renovated Victoria Concert Hall, where we spent the rest of the session indoors with Sze Yee’s classy black & white gown.